Business Intelligence (BI) is the set of procedures, tools and methods that support the collection, consolidation, modeling, analysis and delivery of information. More than in any other fields from the world of information systems, close collaboration between Business and IT experts is fundamental for successful BI projects.

How to decide on BI architectures and technologies in increasingly complex environments?

While we see a lot of slogans from BI evangelists especially about topics like Big Data, predictive analysis or non structured data, we paradoxically observe that some companies are facing difficulties in their traditional BI architecture due to design, configuration and implementation issues.

Whatever your information maturity and your data quality level are, Synchrotech offers 15 years of expertise to assist you in choosing and implementing architectures and the most appropriate BI solutions for both your environment and business ambitions. In particular, Synchrotech covers the areas below.

BI Reporting & Dashboarding

The industrialized and automated enterprise reporting for a wide distribution of reports and dashboards is probably the heart of any BI architecture for companies wishing to federate large volumes of data. Synchrotech helps you to tackle the technical difficulties involved in conducting and combining the following:

  • Building datawarehouses using the best practices of dimensional modeling
  • Building and developing  data movement processes to feed datawarehouses and data marts (ETL)
  • Designing and developing reports and dashboards
  • Designing, developing and integrating OLAP Cubes
  • Maintaining the structured and/or unstructured data quality for ensuring the integrity and the credibility of information delivered to users
  • Defining KPIs and building strategic dashboards for measuring and managing performance

Self-Service BI

Ad-hoc reporting, building and modifying reports, discovery, exploration and customized data analysis, etc. Synchrotech offers:

  • A comprehensive approach ranging from requirements analysis to deployment of a suitable solution and adopted by users
  • Implementation of best BI tools available on the market
  • Continuous improvement and performance optimization based on the way users consume data.

Real-Time BI

The gap between the operational and decision-worlds is narrowing. Experience proves that more and more of our customers want to analyze data in real time. Indeed, in some cases, waiting until the next day that the required information is loaded into the data mart before they are available on the BI platform is a strong limit. But what does ‘Real-Time’ means? Are we talking about minutes? Seconds? The time of the analyzed transaction itself? It depends on the business context. Again, there is no single solution and Synchrotech can guide you to the architecture and technologies that will meet your needs.

Mobile BI

Several products on the market now enable the extension of BI platforms to mobility. However, be careful not to consider the deployment of a mobile solution just as a sub-project of your existing BI solution. Strategy, security issues, design, end uses, etc. are very different and should be treated in a standalone project. Synchrotech helps you to reach the goal of enabling Mobile BI for your company in compliance with thesecurity constraintsand the integration with yourexisting information system.

Collaborative BI

BI 2.0 is a real asset. It can significantly increase the value provided by your BI platform by allowing users to comment, share and enrich reports and dashboards. Combined with mobile BI, collaborative BI is ideal for furthering interactivity and user involvement in their data analysis work.

Our expertise in BI tools

Contact Synchrotech for a free session to listen to your need and your characteristics and get and objective advice on the right solution for you.

Specific offers

  • BI Factory
  • Vizualisation



  • SAP Business Objects (BO) and Data Services (BODS)
  • IBM Cognos
  • Jaspersoft
  • Microsoft BI (Excel, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS)
  • QlikView & Qlik Sense, GeoQlik
  • HTML5
  • Javascript


Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite

Infor BI

Oracle Database and the ETL Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Oracle Application Express


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