Data quality issues become always more frequent: how to solve it?

Big Data : the increasing internal, external, operational or not amount of data (incl. unstructured data as web content, tweets, etc.) is a challenge! Data regarding your company is very important as it contains a lot of information. Nevertheless, it has to be reliable and available to the right people at the right time.

Clean and manage master data

Over 9 in 10 companies suffer from common data quality issues (duplicates, missing data, invalid format, etc.), the main cause of which is human. Improve your team productivity and return on investment (ROI) of your applications by providing consistent and standardized data within your company. With our easy to use solutions, you will audit, check and correct in real time the data available in your applications (for instance in your ERP, CRM, etc.). Your data will be standardized and in good quality, without duplicates guaranteed.

Our solutions support your business processes where the Data Manager assumes a leading position. Data governance is strategic when it comes to Master Data Management (for example customers, suppliers or employees files). Check out how our specific offers can support you during these processes.

How to use information available in your company?

Consolidate and spread your data

Gather enterprise data requires an architecture, an organization and efficient processes. The extractration, transformation and loading of data can be industrialized and automated through ETL solutions. Those solutions are often implemented to manage data flows between source systems and data warehouses, as part of BI projects. However, the scope of these solutions is not limited to that: standardised and unified data (like your customers data file) can be spread and merged in all your applications in order to provide the same correct and global vision of information within your company.

Enrich your data

Data available in ERP often lacks information as it is only used for operational purposes. The same data could be enriched with additional qualifying information. In many cases, people who need more information manually maintain local files for their own usage. Synchrotech suggests to simplify data gathering and sharing through easy-to-use and customized solutions.

Specific offers

The Synchrotech Data Governance Initiative

With our experience, we advise and assist you in defining the process and roles to support your actions in Data Management. Mobilize the right people and empower them in order to achieve your goals. The combination of people, processes and technology ensures the quality and value of the information within your organization. Get more information about our offer SDGI

The Synchrotech Agile Finance Initiative

By combining our business expertise EPM (Planning, consolidation and financial reporting) for CFO offices and our knowledge in Data Management, we propose to optimize your financial processes by automating manual processes, streamlining tasks, reducing errors and reducing the time of treatment. Get more information about our offer SAFI.

Data Quality Challenge 

As almost all organizations, your key enterprise processes are affected by data quality errors. Bad data (with errors, inconsistency and duplicates) can be difficult to identified and to correct. With our Data Quality Challenge, we can help you to find out data that contains data quality errors within your company.

Send us your data, and when our analysis will be done, we'll together go through detailled reports that will show specific data quality statistics.

Project build 

Synchrotech implements solutions in Data Quality Management and Master Data Management.

Expertises & Technologies

Our expertises on DQ and MDM tools

Contact Synchrotech to discuss about your need and the specificity of your environment. We'll advise for an objective solution that meets your requirements. Our consultants have experience with and are trained on following solutions:

  • Informatica
    • PowerCenter
  • Information Builders
  • Microsoft
    • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Oracle
    • Data Integrator (ODI)
    • Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ)
    • Data Relationship Management (DRM)
    • Application Express
  • SAP
    • Business Object Data Services (BODS)
  • Semarchy
    • Convergence for MDM


> Steps and measures to help your businesses in establishing a data governance with The Synchrotech Data Governance Initiative.
> Actions plan to optimize your financial processes in an agile way with The Synchrotech Agile Finance Initiative.

> iWay Information Asset Management Platform
> iWay DataMigrator
> Microsoft SQL Server, incl. ETL Integration Services (SSIS)
> Oracle DB, incl. ETL Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
> Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
> Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM)
> Oracle MDM Hubs
> Oracle Application Express


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