How to support CFO offices in their tasks?

Financial and strategic analysis

The domain of Performance Management helps to establish reports, analysis, planning and financial consolidation for CFO offices.

In Swiss SMEs, Synchrotech often meets directors or financial controllers that complain about having too many Excel sheets containing different departments data sources in order to meet their needs. One part of the problem may come from an organic uncoordinated development of different analytical solutions within these departments, or an external grow (new market, new regions or acquisition). SMEs have specific constraints in terms of resources, while objectives and needs are quite the same as for major account: data reliability, processes automation.

First of all, CFO offices need to make enough time and to organize resources in order to document the enterprise strategy, decline in operational plans and identify gaps between current and expected results before analyzing the causes. The main source of time saving is on the job required by the data gathering and the verification of the data sets.

So the CFO office will bring added value to the expected steering business while being able to better assess its risks of exposure.

EPM business challenges

All EPM solutions that we implement contribute to:

  • The establishment and identification of a truth reference for financial results
  • An expanded and secured access to data for more responsiveness (live consultation on a tablet during a meeting) or operational involvement in the reporting process based on requirements
  • The connection between strategy and operational results in order to improve your plans and to better understand their interaction with your results
  • Increase visibility on performance and risks through ongoing integration with your business processes and highlighting positive or negative remarkable situations

Our expertise on EPM tools

Contact Synchrotech to discuss about your need and the specificity of your environment. We'll advise for an objective solution that meets your requirements:



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