oracle epmOracle Hyperion, 1st community in EPM

Nowadays, the Hyperion community is the most developed worldwide in performance management. More than 8000 customers, any size and in many sectors use Oracle Hyperion EPM solutions and thus contribute to demonstrate their strong ownership and robustnes. The ecosystem is well develope:

  • 8'000 customers
  • +800'000 Essbase users
  • 450 certified partners

Hyperion and Synchrotech, 16 years together

Synchrotech has been founded in 1998, just when the partnership between Hyperion Software and TM1 ended and when the development of the Hyperion EPM platform began. Between 2003 and 2007, the offer was functionally enriched by acquisitions including following tools: a workflow, a referential management tool and data quality management tool. Oracle bought Hyperion in 2007 in order to develop his main platform. This anticipation, compared to other market editors, provides the platform capacity and stability. Synchrotech has accompanied the growth since the beginning by bringing its experience to customers. We appreciate that the platform maintains its technological lead in the field investing today in mobility, cloud and high performance through appliances.


Functional coverage

Hyperion supply is the full dashboard for Financial Directors in order to enable performance management of your group with a 360° vision.

  • Past: financial consolidation and reporting (focus on audit and history, tighter controls, standards calculations, accounting data and specific consolidation rules)
  • Present: control management and forecast updates (various and flexible budgeting models, focus on simulation, customized calculations, non- and financial data)
  • Future: corporate budgeting and strategic planning (long-term vision, financial modeling, flexible simulation)

The offer is modular and suits well specific client needs.

Opened to other technologies

Designed as a platform developed with industry standards, Oracle EPM offers components (ETL, monitoring tools, application server) that make it autonomous and connectable with other BI and accounting solutions on the market. 70% of Hyperion customers have a non-Oracle ERP.

Specific offers


The mobility brings agility and simplicity to EPM processes. It allows for instance to spread management tools to operational directors and to promote managers contribution in approval processes or globaly in the financial closing. More than 90% of Hyperion Planning functionalities are available on mobile devices.

Synchrotech is able to quickly develop business applications to meet your specific needs through tools provided by Oracle EPM.


Since Oracle bought Sun in 2010, Oracle has completed its value proposition of optimized technology solution combining software suite EPM/BI coupled with the physical server machine. This version of software is preconfigured and architected to exploit directly the hardware capabilities of the machine.

TCO reduction

  • A single server reduce risks of network issues
  • Hardware and software from the same provider reduce incomptability risks
  • A single interlocutor for hardware and software maintenance
  • Less time consuming operator

Accelerate forecasting cycles

40 processors and from 2 to 5 Tera RAM enable extremely fast data processing authorizing the establishment of forecast periods as often as necessary even for volumes of data or a significant number of users.

Improve reliability

Increase of the frequency improves the objectives precision, the forecasts monitoring, allows to get a better visibility on costs and profitability drivers, to make better investment decisions, to deploy a performance management solution, dynamic and reliable.

Multiply simulations

Shorter cycles allow companies to increase the scenarios and simulations to better support the demands of the business, and develop more complex processes in terms of modeling and calculation.

Forecasts operations

This technology allows more users to capture a greater level of detail, determining all the costs and revenues of the company.


Oracle Hyperion is one of the first major solution of the market to be also available in the cloud. It's the optimal synthesis of TCO reduction by enabling online access to the software on a subscription basis and combining the best features to meet the needs in reporting and statutory management. Access is safe and suitable for any medium.

Compliant with Software as a service (SaaS) standards, the solution has been developed on a native cloud technology and offers many services (template, online support, etc.).

Synchrotech is an historic player in hosting Oracle EPM platforms and is competent on both functional and IT fields. We are the ideal local partner to start in the cloud.


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