Our customer relationship is based on trust, we are very demanding with ourselves on professional ethics. Our principles are to always act in good faith and fairly.


We are committed to provide high quality services to our customers. This is why we defined internal business processes to ensure continuous monitoring and constant knowledge transfer. Moreover, we seek to continually improve ourselves by capitalizing on our common experiences.

Team spirit

Synchrotech employees are the key to its success. The strength of our team resides in the fact that each consultant can anytime rely on colleagues to work a specific point of a project. So we care about our consultants behaviour to collaborate and help each other everyday. This solidarity is appreciated by customers and they benefit.


The interest in human relationships, associational involvement and curiosity in all fields are encouraged because they form the mind required by the our business.


Vector of trust, transparency at work is an integral part of our project management and it feeds the sense of responsibility in our critical business services.


We deliver our advice and our assumption of position in the interest of customers and projects. Our reports and analyses are therefore written in a frank, pragmatic and uncompromising manner.


A high quality work requires everyone's involvement. To motivate our employees and support them in their career, we regularly organize trainings, certifying as appropriate, and trips. Each year Synchrotech offers the possibility to one or two motivated students in the IT field to follow an internship from several months till a year.


We help our employees to maintain a balance between their personal and professional life so they can open up, and Synchrotech and its customers benefit a long-term capitalization. We also have set up a system of annualized hours and interviews to enable the development of a life project


Sustainable development

We care about our environment and our ecological footprint. That's why we recycle our waste, limit our paper consumption and encourage public 




Synchrotech sera présent au Salon SITB les 26 & 27 Avril 2016 à Palexpo à Genève.
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