Beau-Rivage Palace


The delivered solution was of great help in the rapid production of reliable reports and it became the essential support in the dialogue between the back-office functions (HR / Finance) and the operations (Accommodation, Catering, Marketing and Sales… ). The solution has since been extended to all of the group’s establishments and a BI has been implemented to help better understand the interactions between sources of income, operating costs and customer habits. From now on, specific work has been started on Workforce Planning in order to control this major budget item and mobilize resources effectively in relation to needs.



The General Management of the Hotel wanted to simplify its management and speed up its decision-making by setting up dashboards. To this end, the link between operations and management should now rely on ratios to facilitate the simulation of scenarios and reactively adjust the presumed financials.

At the same time, the technology had to remain accessible to the personnel involved in the production of the data and very user-friendly in the presentation of the results to support the real / presumed reconciliation work with the operational teams.

Synchrotech is a partner of choice to support a financial department in its mission of monitoring the performance of the company: its employees quickly identify the challenges CFOs are facing, are able to understand its language and translate its needs into structure and tools chosen. They are responsive and attentive to their customers, demonstrating a foolproof availability. Synchrotech has been of undeniable support in the implementation of a harmonized and more efficient reporting and budgetary process.

Sabine Magnollay
CFO Sandoz Foundation Hotels
(Beau-Rivage Palace SA, Lausanne-Palace SA, Palafitte SA)

The company

Since 1861, the Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne has been a historic group of luxury hotels. His palace is located in Ouchy on the shores of Lake Geneva.

This ambassador of the highest Swiss hotel tradition is part of the heritage of a country where hospitality achieves excellence.

The project


With a limited budget, the Beau-Rivage Palace wanted the rapid implementation of a solution allowing budget preparation and monitoring as well as management of the alleged and the alleged / actual reconciliation. Our technical and functional consultants configured the software and took care of the integration with standard hotel systems like Oracle OPERA. They have enriched the delivered solution with various management reports providing, for example, the detailed view on income or the income statement.

Particular care has been taken in training users and didactic guides have been written.


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