The implementation of standardized and high performance integration layers allows data analysis the next day (D + 1). The data warehouse provides a consolidated and unified view that feeds the Analytics platform. This is flexible and covers the entire scope of user needs, from the creation of standard reports, dashboards, distribution of PDF to self-BI.



GaleniCare brings together several brands with heterogeneous processes, environments and systems. The group wanted to have a complete and uniform visibility on all activities. The strategic objective, for all departments, is to support the growth of the group and therefore increase turnover, optimize margins, improve supply (logistics, storage) at points of sale and to facilitate negotiations with their suppliers.

With the help of Synchrotech, we were able to realize our vision and set up a data warehouse gathering data from various sources and fields. Throughout this project, Synchrotech supported us with professionalism and passion. The data warehouse has become our “single source of truth” and is bearing fruit through process optimization and improved decision-making.

Responsable IT Services

The company

GaleniCare has the largest retail structure in the Swiss market with pharmacies Amavita, Sun Store, Coop Vitality, Winconcept, MediService and Aprioris. The group’s network of pharmacies today includes some 400 establishments.

The project

The project was divided into several batches to cover the main areas of activity of the company such as sales, purchases, inventory management and finance. With the project team, we set up a data warehouse and a global analytical solution. Together, we harmonized management rules and managed data quality issues.


  • Oracle BI
  • Microsoft SQL Server (incl. Integration Services)