Stakeholder value

For more than 20 years we are preferred consultants for leaders in the following roles and departments. You may want to exchange with us on your challenges and learn more about our value propositions and the value achieved by our customers in

General Management

Supporting and nurturing the strategy development, decision making and execution for a series of subordinated departments and processes. Providing aggregated information on markets, performance, productivity, etc. to leverage the operating cash flow as well as securing compliance. This is what CEOs like about working with us.

Finance & Controlling

Supporting and nurturing the integrated budgeting process, accelerating the controlling, reporting and the board decision making processes, leveraging both the cash flow in and the reduction of costs. It is the simplicity and speed in achieving and communicating the results that CFOs and their teams like about working with us.

Sales & Marketing

Supporting and nurturing the sales and marketing performance, creating a 360° View on customers for ever more personalized offerings to their customers and still being compliant with GDPR, etc. This is what CSOs and CMOs like about working with us.

Human Resources

Supporting and nurturing the development of the most valuable resource of the company by granting views on correlations of need, maturity, time, progress, performance, individual objectives, etc. This is what HR-Managers like about working with us.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Supporting and nurturing the efficiency in purchase and the flow of goods with a 360° view on correlations of products, performance, volumes, purchases, transportation, stock keeping, returns, etc. in order to ever optimize costs, this is what COOs like about working with us.


Supporting and nurturing the mindset, skillset and toolset of the IT-team, providing solutions to various problems to ever optimize the service level agreements with their customers, while being compliant with GDPR, this is what CIOs like about working with us.