Application and automation platform

Why automation?  

Anxious to anchor their position in the market and to become more competitive, Swiss companies are constantly seeking to improve the operations’s performance and to innovate. 

This requires driven activities that maximize automation and provide metrics to monitor their results and then adjust operations as needed. The search for efficiency is the key to quickly adapting to changes in the market and facilitating the conduct of the resulting transformations. 


A solution in response to your challenges 

While process management makes it possible to create a business process architecture, automation makes it possible to meet your operational challenges, such as 

  • Automate and strengthen your business processes : we believe that a comprehensive low-code platform is critical to help customers meet their business needs. New process mining capability provides users with a new collaborative environment where developers and business users can work together to identify new automation opportunities. Then prebuilt actions help customers to build flows across different applications, but its real power is in letting them build their own scripts to automate routine and time-consuming tasks at the user interface level.  
  • Guide your users through their business processes: we believe that expansion of analytics capabilities adds more firepower to an automated business process in order to spot trends relative to a process optimization. 
  • Collect data through preconfigured entry screens . In addition to a process starting the action, data could start some action. Thus, we allow rules-based and analytical decision making to be embedded in an automated process. 
  • Connect your apps to different data sources, even legacy software (that doen’t have an API for integration)  

Along all this process automation we collect data to improve those process and to make data driven decisions based on analytics 

You want to improve your processes and automate them by starting an automation project, our teams are available to support you. 

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