Data Hub

What is a Data Hub?

A data hub is a data-centric storage architecture that helps businesses consolidate and share data. If you continue to access data through point-to-point connections between your applications, converting your infrastructure to a Data Hub will dramatically simplify your organization’s data flows.

To respond to Data Hub issues, Synchrotech will rely, where appropriate, on a Master Data Management (MDM) solution to manage reference data in order to increase this data’s quality and governance :

Golden Data are the master data cleaned, deduplicated, consolidated and validated by corporate governance processes. Basic data is stable compared to operational data.

The importance of the Data Hub?

A Data Hub therefore makes it possible to create and manage a single version of data serving as a repository for all company departments. The objective of setting up a Data Hub (whether or not based on an MDM solution) is to make reliable, precise, up-to-date data accessible to all stakeholders in the company.

Indeed, the same information is often useful in several applications of your information system. There is therefore a need for a single version of the truth in order to avoid different behaviors and dysfunctions which may be detected too late or simply not be detected.

A Data Hub project therefore allows you to respond to 4 main challenges for your organization:

  1. Your data management simplification
  2. Your data provision simplification
  3. Maintain data quality
  4. Control your data traceability

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