Accelerate the implementation of your analytical and performance management solutions.

We facilitate the development of analytical and performance management solutions with a complete Data & Analytics platform, based on our Data Integration, Storage and Analysis Framework.


Our next-generation executive decision support platform offers multiple benefits:

Transparency & standardization

Benefit from a standardized, automatic and historical consolidation of your data, and automate the integrity and quality controls of your data.

Performance & agility

Optimize load times with parallelized data streams and refresh rates that give you real-time visibility when needed.


Deploy, in just a few days, business dashboards for managers and operational teams, thanks to the deployment of our business packs and connectors, or the use of our tools.


Simplify how to manage and anonymize personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the new Federal Data Protection Act (DPA), and audit changes to data.


With our platform Harmonee, take advantage of a technological solution recognized by the market.


Analyze and redistribute the right information across your organization.

Our business packs offer data models, performance indicators (KPIs) and interactive and dynamic dashboards that allow you to analyze and monitor your activities. They include ready-to-use and fully customizable management applications to meet all your needs.

Consolidate all your data in a centralized repository.

Our connectors allow our platform to interface with leading source systems (ERP, CRM, Cashiering System, HR Solution, e-commerce platform, etc.), simplifying the processes of integration, quality control, reconciliation, management of historical transactions, changes over time, backflows, etc.

Secure your projects that involve data.

Your IT teams will gain in efficiency and quality by using the tools offered by Synchrotech, thus reducing the number of errors and accelerating your release cycles.