Data & BI Governance

What is Governance?

Governance is the implementation of a set of mechanisms to ensure better coordination within an organization, of its levels of power, in order to take consensual decisions and actions. It is indeed imperative to understand that business decision-making is not an isolated act.

Governance therefore makes it possible to answer the question of effective decision-making in increasingly complex organizations.

The importance of BI/Data Governance

The notion of governance is often associated with large structures but in reality all companies regardless of their size are concerned by a good Governance challenges.

The implementation of governance in the company ensures a sustainable and efficient process of value creation. The purpose is this value creation, governance must be organized in a manner consistent with the size and specificities of the structure.

No good governance without measuring results

To assess the quality of governance and its decisions, the measurement of results and the choice of performance indicators are an essential foundation that must be supported by adequate dashboards and the right data.

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