Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Today’s business environment requires financial data to flow at unprecedented speeds. Our CPM capability is proven to cut time-to-close with purpose-built automation that fuels financial reporting, forecasting, and FP&A processes. We help your accounting organization to automate transactional accounting processes as they happen and enable your controller to drive continuous improvement with real-time dashboards that provide insight into opportunities for further optimization.

Planning your way:

Get the flexibility to perform all types of planning: From Integrated Business Planning to Balance sheet, Cash Flow and Capital Planning, to Sales, Operational and HR Planning.

  • Top Down or Bottom Up: Create budgets and plans your way. Choose from a library of industry specific drives and pick from any combination of planning methodologies: top-down, bottom-up, zero or driver-based planning.
  • Centralized Financial Intelligence: Build your financial logic and business rules once. From close to consolidation to planning & budgeting, leverage the same set of financial rules such hierarchies, intercompany logic and currency translations to apply to any version of plans, budgets and forecasts.
  • In-depth Planning, Modeling and Analysis: With all your detailed financial and operational data aligned and stored in centralized place – plan, model and analyze at any depth, like SKU or patient level or any cost level/revenue model your business needs.
  • Rolling Forecasts: Extend planning and quickly produce rolling forecasts. Combine data from strategic plans, budgets and actuals, make continuous cost adjustments and reset revenue targets to produce a more accurate projection of fiscal year results.
  • Predictive Planning: Better predict costs. Utilize and integrate statistical libraries to perform realtime predictions, get more meaningful scenario analysis and have more accurate and detailed level plans, budgets and forecasts.
  • Process Workflow and Dashboards: Monitor and control your processes with intuitive dashboards and customizable workflow processes that have built-in logic for approval and submission processes and for data collection and aggregation.
  • Powerful Allocation Engine: Stay abreast of your costs. With a powerful allocation engine and configurable allocation rules complete multi-step waterfall allocations to allocate direct, indirect or any activity-based costs across multiple dimensions, such as cost centers, products or projects.
  • Unlimited Dimensions: Analyze any way you need. Utilize unlimited dimensions, measures and complex calculations to plan at any level of detail with any data type for more detailed and flexible profitability and scenario analysis.
  • Time-Dependent Hierarchies: Know the impact of proposed business decisions. Move hierarchies or any dimension with drag and drop functionality, easily combine backward looking and forward looking data and immediately see the financial impact, over any time horizon.
  • Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting: Optimize working capital and manage risk. Prepare the P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statement using the direct or indirect method. Manage your cash more effectively and play out what-if scenarios by varying DSO/DPO by customer, product or supplier.
  • Advanced Visualization: Shed new light on data. Slice, dice and drill into data to uncover underlying trends with visual dashboards, ad hoc pivoting and advanced analytics like heat and geo mapping.

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