Innovation & transformation

Data, innovation source

Several studies carried out in recent years show the importance and the advantages of “data-driven” companies. They highlight the increased flexibility of companies, their ability to consider future developments and imagine new sources of income. To reach this level of excellence, you will go through different stages:

  •  Effectively process and analyze your data – Is your information complete and reliable to enable you to make decisions on time?
  • Create added value – For example, are you able to optimize and individualize the journey of your customers, from their initial request until the end of the relationship?
  • Obtain a competitive advantage – Do you have the necessary elements to, for example, simulate market changes and anticipate customer behavior, or optimize your stocks and accelerate your supply chain?
  • Enable new business models – Can you identify new sources of revenue?

 What advantages can you derive from it?

Data is the result of your activity. They highlight certain gaps or problems in the execution of your processes which can be adapted. Using the data would give you various competitive advantages:

  1.  Profitability progression
  2. Risk reduction
  3. Operational agility improvement
  4. Idea development

 How to start your initiative?

Framing and driving an innovation and transformation initiative is not easy. Having experienced it several times at Synchrotech, we know the difficulties encountered in starting from an idea, developing a prototype, and then bringing it into production.

 To get off to a good start, we offer support organized in three phases.

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