Business Intelligence / Analytics

“Business Intelligence / Analytics” refers to both the processes and methods used to collect, store and analyze the data produced by operations or activities but also statistical techniques and predictive analysis to understand why an event occurs. product, discover existing trends and predict future trends in order to optimize business performance. All of this combines to provide full visibility into a company’s activity, which makes decision-making and action easier and better.

Architecture of a Business Intelligence / Analytics system

The importance of Business Intelligence and Analytics?

Businesses can get huge benefits from Business Intelligence / Analytics.

In general, it enables optimal decisions to be made to increase the company’s revenue and outweigh the competition. A Business Intelligence solution now allows a company to define its sales and marketing strategy, manage its logistics, carry out its accounting management, etc. All the major areas that play an essential role in the development of a company are now handled with the support of Business Intelligence to facilitate and optimize the choices of decision-making teams.

More specifically and with the evolutions of Data Science, Business Intelligence / Analytics makes it possible to predict future trends by analyzing customer behavior, to anticipate their needs in the future and to strengthen the link that companies can have with their clients. This allows the company to remain competitive in the market and even to take a serious lead over its competitors.

In view of the importance of Business Intelligence / Analytics, Synchrotech systematically implements 3 main challenges for your organization:

  1. Decisional alignment, for everyone’s understanding and buy-in
  2. Autonomy, because a BI project is not a One-Shot project, but an everyday solution
  3. Data visualization, because each type of data must have its graph depending on the audience you are addressing.

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