ML Library

Harness the potential of your data with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our Machine Learning (ML) models, adaptable to your business context, allow you to quickly deploy proven algorithms to help decision makers and operational teams.

Financial Forecast Booster

Boost your budgeting process by using ML algorithms to predict key sales performance indicators. Thus it will help derive your short and medium term revenue forecasts. Our predictive model allows you to accelerate your budgeting cycles, establish new sales forecasts and refine your P&L forecasts by taking into account internal or external, regional, seasonal or ad hoc parameters.

Product Categorizer

Remedy a common problem in the sales field, especially for e-commerce, where it is important to have complete and optimized product description. Thus it aims to facilitate your processes and increase your sales: a correctly categorized product has a direct impact on its referencing and therefore on sales. Based on ML clustering algorithms, our model automatically determines the category of a product thanks to groupings based on already known notions.

Purchase Orders Optimizer

Optimize your inventory management and your supply strategy for your points of sales (PoS) thanks to ML demand prediction algorithms. You will reduce your logistics and storage costs, and you will limit your environmental footprint by reducing the number of deliveries. Good logistics planning and coordination are key elements in controlling the bullwhip effect throughout the supply chain. And ultimately it will increase customers satisfaction.

We innovate together.

Contact us to find out more! Your use case is not listed above? We propose you to launch together a co-innovation process and thus improve your processes by developing together your ML model.