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Using rear view mirrors when driving at high speed through the mist!

Predicting tomorrows business, Business Analytics and Business Intelligence are only as reliable as the data they´re based upon! Just make sure that you get what you want!

The 4th Industrial Revolution – 4 or 5 is not a problem here!

The 4th Industrial Revolution – 4 or 5 is not a problem here! Digitalization creates Data – enormous amount of data – for you. What if your data was wrong?

Oracle Partner of the Year FY19 – 7th of Novembre, 2018

Once again this year Oracle has acknowledged our strong commitment and performance by rewarding us with the Partner Of The Year Award.

La Vaudoise Hackathon – 11th of October, 2018

In October 2018 we were invited to participate in the 3rd annual Hackathon of the swiss insurance La Vaudoise in Lausanne.

Meetup Analytics – 20 September 2018

Second meetup is scheduled for Thursday 20 September at Geneva and 3 topics will be shared with you. Graph Databases and Graph Analytics: the new weapon of Business Analytics, Oracle Analytics Cloud New Features and Machine Learning Alleviates ‘Blank Canvas’ Syndrome.

HES SO Valais increased their efficiency in decision making.

Synchrotech and HES SO Valais successfully launched a new standard operating procedure (SOP) for decision making based on Oracle Cloud.