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Automating classification with artificial intelligence (AI)

A recent example is automatic data classification. This involves developing algorithms capable of sorting and organizing large volumes of data according to certain criteria.

Découvrez Oracle Analytics Server

Oracle Analytics Server (OAS), lancée en Février 2020 pour Linux, est la dernière version d’Oracle qui remplace Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), découvrez dans cet article toutes les nouveautés de cette version.

Connect your on-premise environment to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse

Discover how to connect your on-premise environment to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) !

10 Success factors to become an effective Process Organization

If you think, you could benefit from digitalization (digital transformation), make sure that you become effective before you try to be more efficient. It is very tough to walk your talk sometimes, but we would have never thought that these efforts could be so much rewarding. Sharing the experiences of our own transformation should encourage you to start your own journey – maybe with us as your guide through thick and thin.

Synchrotech announce its new strategic partnership with the company FireStart.

We are pleased to announce Synchrotech is partnering with FireStart to help our customers to optimize their processes. 
FireStart  provides professional process planning, intelligent workflow automation, and profound process analytics in one unified tool.

Swiss made Cloud offers are evolving

Cloud leaders like AWS, Microsoft, Oracle or Google have a clear strategy: they want to place their services SaaS, PaaS, IaaS instead of their own on-premise solutions.

Meetup Analytics – 20 September 2018

Second meetup is scheduled for Thursday 20 September at Geneva and 3 topics will be shared with you. Graph Databases and Graph Analytics: the new weapon of Business Analytics, Oracle Analytics Cloud New Features and Machine Learning Alleviates ‘Blank Canvas’ Syndrome.