BI Strategy

Faced with current challenges, companies must be more responsive in order to survive the sudden changes in their ecosystems. To enable this, it has become imperative that companies have decision support tools allowing them to use their data in order to obtain a complete and clear vision of their activity, their performance and their state of health in general.

For years, the use of BI tools has evolved enormously, initially thought out and directed towards management, these tools are now used at all levels of the company and make it possible to carry out reporting, dashboards, analyzes intended for users who are not part of the management.

Our BI strategy missions allow you to identify your potential and discuss options, these are built on a 4-step methodology:

  1. Planning specifies the scope of the mandate and its organization
  2. Identification and classification allows you to take stock of your data
  3. The assessment targets the challenges of the pillars:
    • The organization
    • The process
    • The solutions
    • The architecture
  4. Recommendations will be your assets to innovate and guarantee transparent data management

You want to discuss your current BI strategy or develop one within your organization, contact us by sending us an email to: or by filling out this form.