Entreprise Data Management

Data Management is the process of ingesting, storing, organizing and maintaining data created and collected by an organization. Effective data management is a crucial part of the deployment of IT systems that run business applications and provide analytical information to help drive operational decision-making and strategic planning by business leaders and other end users.

The data management process includes a combination of different functions that collectively aim to ensure that data in business systems is accurate, available and accessible. Most of the work required is done by IT and data management teams, but business users are also usually involved in parts of the process to make sure that the data meets their needs and into policies governing its use.

The importance of Data Management

Data should be viewed as a business asset that can be used to make more informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, optimize business operations, and reduce costs, all with the goal of increasing revenue and profits. But a lack of proper data management can overwhelm organizations with incompatible data silos, inconsistent data sets, and data quality issues that limit their ability to run Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics applications – or, worse, lead to wrong results.

Data management has also gained in importance as businesses are subject to an increasing number of regulatory compliance requirements, including privacy and data protection laws such as the GDPR and the DPA. In addition, businesses are capturing ever larger volumes of data and a wider variety of data types. Without good data management, these environments can become difficult to manage and use.


The benefits of Data Management

Here are some of the benefits that flow from a data management strategy:

  • Improving data quality improvement 
  • Risks associated with inaccurate information reduction
  • Process improvement
  • Costs and time reduction (maintenance, errors, etc.)
  • Transparency
  • Correctly informed decision making

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