Feedback regarding the connected event – 9th of April, 2019

Synchrotech was at the connected event (ex SITB) on April 9th and 10th, 2019 where we had the chance to hold two conferences!

Operational excellence

The first conference was given by our CEO Gilles Fiorio and was around the inhibitors of operational excellence.

During our consulting assignments we are used to discussing with CEOs, CFOs or CIOs about the changes brought about by the availability of a growing volume of information. However, we hear their perplexity over the recurring difficulties of turning their strategies into effective operations in a constantly accelerating economic mode and a fog of uncertainty.

Synchrotech, Using rear view mirrors

Decision-makers need more and more data to act, retrospective and descriptive through the results displayed by Business Intelligence, prospective on expected sales or real-time pipeline opportunity or cashflow level. The challenge is then to drive the action consciously and knowingly, and this is where effective transformation into operations comes up against inhibitors.

Gilles has developed the understanding of 5 major inhibitors of the pillars of operational excellence and recommended solutions related to data, digitalization and Business Analytics.

Artifical Intelligence

Our second conference, presented by Fabien Darbellay, one of our expert in Analytics and Sara Vidal, independent expert, explained how artificial intelligence can significantly improve the quality of your decision-making.

To trust the AI, it is necessary to know it better. Fabien has made accessible to everyone an understanding of the complex mechanisms of learning and reasoning of these solutions and explain the path of data to a useful result.

Sara then presented 3 practical applications of the use of artificial intelligence.

Predictive maintenance

In the past we were in presence of curative maintenance, interventions were performed when the equipment broke down. Then the companies evolved towards preventive maintenance where the equipments are checked periodically and they must today consider the interest of a systematic and very sharp surveillance of the equipment: the predictive maintenance.

Engie, a major player in the energy sector in France, is increasing the availability rate of its wind and solar farms and reducing the duration of maintenance operations thanks to a 24/7 analysis of sensor data on equipment.

Connected Supply Chain

With a client fulfilled as a goal, companies must be proactive. They must therefore integrate and connect their value chain in order to respond as quickly as possible to the requests of their customers and even anticipate them.

Fraud analysis

AI can detect “good” signals to encourage them and “bad” signals to counter them. This is very useful in a B2C relationship and the Banking & Insurance sector in particular.

Ebay is able to detect 40% of credit card fraud thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

Whether you are a client, partner or consultant, if you are interested in these topics, we would be delighted to share our expert point of view with your own experience and discuss how to move forward together, in synergy!