Synchrotech backed challenger wins UBS Prix Sommet 2019

This challenge, led by UBS Valais, rewards an SME that is committed to reinventing its business in a business sector out of style following regulatory changes, economic constraints or changes in behavior. buys innovations.

Synchrotech has invested in this project to show that technological innovation can contribute to the transformation of companies that research economic performance and modernity. We are particularly pleased to participate in the democratization of SMEs with cutting-edge know-how in the exploitation of valuable data that companies have on their activities. We help them better understand their business, better identify sources of development to invest in and dispersions to correct to sustain their founding values, local employment and fit into the present.

Synchrotech congratulates Dr. Guntern for his victory and convincing testimony to a thousand people about the transformations he has undertaken for his Brig pharmacies. From our side we have strengthened our expertise in the Pharmaceutical Retail sector, the vision of an independent point of sale in addition to our existing customers of the pharmaceutical networks Galenicare and Benu.


What we offer to SMEs:


  1. Understand their flow and define the path of progress – our consultants meet with managers to understand their environment from an external point of view and identify which processes deserve to be reviewed first according to risk criteria , feasibility and expected value. A strategy is put in place as well as a method to accompany the transformation.
  2. See and know – For managers who lack information to adjust their action or for whom information arrives well after its need impacting their ability to anticipate or react and harming their Our specialists apply modern technologies to accelerate the collection and aggregation of data to make it available in a suitable format where it is useful for decision-making, whether at the operational or managerial level.
  3. Excelling operationally – Our automation specialists help department or process managers rethink the execution of your non-production activities (Sales & Marketing, HR, Finance, IT) to reduce your operating costs, improve efficiency and refocus your workforce. on high added value activities by promoting digitization and innovation (automated process management, industrialized data flows, advanced software applications).